Jane Lillian Vance

"a boat. a bridge. a lamp."



Jane Vance Becomes First Artist-in-Residence


Jane Lillian Vance, selected from a pool of 21 applicants, is the first ever Artist-in-Residence with Carilion as a part of the Robert Keeley Healing Arts Artist-in-Residence Program.

“In ancient cultures, and in less industrialized parts of the world today, the purpose of art has always been to contribute to healing,” Vance said in the Carilion Life magazine.

Vance shares her work and her stories to help build connections with doctors, visitors, and patients of Carilion.

Vance’s stay as Artist-in-Residence will last three months. During her time with Carilion, she will be completing a body of work titled A Trinity of Healing Hands: Healing Hands of Medicine, Nature, & Spirit.

With the first painting of the trinity completed, and the second completely sketched, Vance is well on her way to fulfilling a body of work that combines the science of medicine, the healing nature of art, and Vance’s unique lens through which she envisions her work.

“The privilege of making art in a medical setting will yield one of the most compelling and personally satisfying collection of paintings for me so far as an artist,” said Vance. “The healing arts program recognizes that art has work to do, and can function both as beauty and service.”

Vance was featured in the Collegiate Times for her role as Artist in Residence. To view the article, click here.

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