Jane Lillian Vance

"a boat. a bridge. a lamp."



Please explore this selection of Jane Lillian Vance's work, available for purchase. To inquire, use the contact form.


The Lemon Light of Early Spring, Part 2

20” x 20” print includes white border, $60


The Lemon Light of Early Spring, Part 1

20” x 20” print includes white border, $60


Divine and Holy Water

20” x 24” print includes a white border, $60


Red-Winged Blackbirds

24” x 24” print includes white margin, $60

Eastern Bluebirds

Six adult eastern bluebirds, celebrating six new hatchlings. A place of pastoral innocence, health, and hope. A Springtime promise of better times ahead.

Limited Print Run, 20” x 24” watercolor (including a white margin, signed and numbered, 1-25) $60 includes postage.


Trinity of Healing Hands

The Trinity of Healing Hands 20” x 20” signed canvas prints are now available for purchase. You can choose to purchase any of or all three paintings: Hands of Medicine, Hands of Nature, and Hands of Spirit.

Each print can be purchased for $130 USD. This price includes a 20” x 20” signed canvas print and shipping costs. To begin the ordering process, click HERE to contact the artist.

Hands of Medicine

Concentrate. You have perfect light and assistants. Thoughts focused, hands guided, "Scalpel."


Hands of Nature

Participate. The garden is already beautiful. See how you can tend, enhance.


Hands of Spirit

Trust. Begin with this child. Address one patient at a time, love without ceasing. Heal.


The Africa Series

Jane Lillian Vance's book, The Africa Series, is now available for purchase. Full color images and details from ten paintings, with a section on the artist's inspirations, 68 pages, hardbound. Foreword by Gil Harrington.  $40.

Please add $5 shipping, or $10 for international posts.




sample pages from the book



The Stratographic is a montage of eight works by Jane Lillian Vance. It highlights her style through decades, and is printed on canvas as a giclée or as a high quality signed poster.


18" x 24" Giclée Print: $130      18" x 24" Signed Poster: $60

Please add $5 shipping, or $10 for international posts.



Lion Paw Buddhas

Transformed from antique iron bathtub feet, Jane Lillian Vance recylces and reincarnates these unique architecturally salvaged pieces.

Each piece: $250 + shipping



Boxed Note Cards

Boxed Jane Lillian Vance note cards come in three styles: Animals, Flowers and Plants, and Energy Menagerie (paper cut-out animals on black). Each box contains 10 different cards with envelopes.

$18 per box, Please add $5 shipping, or $10 for international posts.






Flowers and Plants



Energy Menagerie


Commissioned Flowers

Select up to five kinds of your favorite flowers and two predominant background colors and Jane Lillian Vance will make an origional oil painting on canvas for your home. $16,000


One Iris

featuring tulips, pansies, and forget-me-nots


A Gift for the Village

A Gift For The Village is the story of a friendship that breaks through the restraints of stereotype, distance, and isolated tradition.

With the blessing of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, Jane Lillian Vance became the first westerner and the first woman to complete a Tibetan lineage painting.  The subject of Vance’s work, her friend, Amchi Tsampa Ngawang Lama, is the tenth recorded generation of amchis in his family. An amchi is a highly trained traditional Himalayan Tibetan herbal doctor.

The documentary follows Vance’s team as they make their way through the remote West of Nepal to the village of Jomsom, Tsampa’s home, to deliver the lineage painting. You will see alien landscapes, royalty, and beautiful celebrations of life, loss, and tradition.

$30 per DVD, please add $5 shipping, or $10 for international posts.